“ART OF SCULPTURE IS A REAL TEACHER OF LIFE”…. The Block of stone or a sheet of metal bears Pains and passes through a tough procedure to be finally appreciated as a monumental piece of Sculpture….. So is the process of overcoming the Hardest of the Challenges required for an individual to Prove one’s Human Life on Earth…

The Management of ITM Universe strongly believes in the fact that all forms of ART play a vital role in moulding one’s personality and creating a better self…
As a small gesture towards creating awareness to the fact of this belief, the ITM Universe management organized the International Sculpture Symposium in the Campus from 1st November’2011 to 30th Novermber’2011.

The presence of various Sculptors enlisted below added a new charm and life to the environment of the beautiful campus.

  • Songul Telek ( Turkey)
  • Jorge ( Mexico)
  • Francesco Mazotta ( Karra )
  • Francesco Panceri ( Italy)
  • Bhupesh Kavadia( Udaipur, India)
  • Vinod Patel ( Vadodara, India)
  • Mayur Gupta ( Vadodara, India)

And lastly the anchor of them all, The Curator, Robin David( Bhopal, India).

All these Sculptors from Various parts of the Globe and across India together carved out marvels from different types of stones and metal sheets.
More than 200 tons of variety of stones like White Marble ( Makrana, Rajasthan), black Marble ( Neem Ka Thana, Rajasthan), Red Sand Stone ( Bansi, Pahadpur) were brought in 10 huge trucks to the Campus for the Sculptors to work upon.