International sculpture symposium and art camp 2015.  3rd January 2015                                             

Art Camp 3

It was a memorable moment at the vast peaceful campus of ITM Universe where the International Artists met the Bombay based  Great Painter and renowned Indian Cinema Star Shri Amol Palekar ,  accompanied by his wife who is  a practicing Lawyer.

Sunday morning was a memorable time for all at ITM campus when the Great Artist popularly known as a renowned Indian Cinema Star  interacted with the International Artists, Mr. Dumitru Ion Serban(Italy), Mr. Mitsunori Koike (Japan), Mr. Ulises Jimenez ( Costa Rica), Mr. Sodong Choe( South Korea),Mr. Florin Strjac (Romania), Mr. Alfredo Pecile ( Italy), Mr. David Bucio  ( Mexico), Ms. Canan Zongar (Turkey) at the ongoing Global Art Symposium, with great zeal and Enthusiasm. Being a Painter himself, he appreciated the works on Canvass done by the Indian Artists, Ms. Anni Kumari( Jharkhand), Mr.Jagannath Mohapatra( Orissa), Mr. Sudip Dutta( Jharkhand), Mr. Vinay Kumar(Chennai), Mr. Gurukinkar Dhang(West Bengal), Mr. Rahul Mukherjee ( Vadodara), Mr. Rajiba Lochan Pani, Mr. Amit Kumar Lodh(Jharkhand), Mr. Venkata Gangu Naidu( Vadodara), Mr. Swapnesh Vaigankar( Goa), Mr. Suguresh Sultanpur, Mr. Swapan Majumdar, Mr. Palash Paul( West Bengal) and Mr.Charanjeet Singh.

The Self Portrait done by Mr.Sudip Dutta from Jharkhand caught the attention of Shri Amol Palekar on which he commented, “ Today’s selfi is actually an out come of actual Art work known as Self-Portrait.

The Famous Painter Rembrandt got his name and fame by his majority works of Self Portrait which displayed the Artist’s physical as well professional Growth. “ According to Shri Amol Palekar, today’s Artists , may it be a painter or a photographer , the Selfi should not be just a click or a painting, but it should depict the growth and inner self of an Individual.

He had a small interaction with the Smt.Kanupriya Singh Rathore (Chair Person-ITM Universe), Mr. Ravindra Singh Rathore (Managing Director-ITM Universe) and Staff members of ITM Universe,

regarding the Real Understanding of the Art of Film Making  and emphasized on the importance of

Exposure of different kind of Art Forms to the young Generations.

He heartily invited all the Artists,the Management and Staff of ITM Universe to his ongoing painting Exhibition at Vadodara and congratulated them for their successful efforts in the direction of Promoting Art through such camps.

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