CHARANJEET SINGH-VADODARACharajeet Singh is natural from Jharkhand where he grow and got his education till college time. He has graduated in Fine Arts MS University and has his master from same college in Baroda where he actually lives and has his home studio.


Charajeet Singh in Amateur Drama of a Family IV experiments with white oin canvas, dealing with the pure and the pristine. Gliding on this white surface are animals, both wild and domesticated, acting as a protagonist. His work is primarily based on the poetic tradition of 20th century, Hidi poets Nagarjun and Vishnu Nagar who seem to have greatly influenced the artist. Their bold resounding poems are often the trigger that evolves into imaginary on his canvas. The granular texture and inadvertent shapes offer a blue print to the artist naturally rendering.

Here there a Drama beautifully put forth on the canvas as a background by applying and removing various layers of colours (twenty-five times) thus creating a transparency.

There is a horse that dominates the painting over the transparent background depicting a race or a chase in one life.

Finally the basic gist of the art piece is that there is always a chase or a race dominating the drama in ones everyday`s life.

“Everyone says every painter has a deep thought in his painting, a lot of stories are combined…” and a painting is composed on a canvas within a sublime tones of bright colors in an harmonic illustration of the horse as a model and main character of this painting. Charanjeet uses simplicity, sophistication in conveying the essence of poetry.