Artist Gangu Naidu

Artist Gangu Naidu

Gangu Naidu, is original from Parvatipuram, Andhra Pradesh, where he has graduated in painting from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. 3 years after his graduation he completes his master in Printmaking in Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata. From the past two years he has moved to Vadodara where he was working at TSR Art Studios, since then he is living and working in Baroda.


Gangu Naidu brings to his canvas the urban landscape of two Indian cities combined together, Hyderabad and its Sharmina and Kolkata and its urban public transports. The urban scenario is shown in black, grey and some brown tones which evokes the movement, fluency, pollution, in a urban monochromatic context. The idea behind this urban landscape represents the two home cities of the artist, one is Hyderabad where he was born and grew up and Kolkata where he graduated in Fine Arts college.

Nostalgia gives name to this 6th painting of a serial. The first one was created in 2012 when the artist was still in Kolkata. He has fallen in love by a Indian woman and so he shows himself devoted to his love with a red rose on his extended hand oriented to her.

Because not all love stories have a happy end, this 6th edition of a serial of Nostagias ends in a self representation of the artist with his head on fire and a blue rose on his resigned fallen arm… “She is sitting as a statue, she will be always a muse for me”. Her head is now represented with a bouquet of red roses, “She got married last year…” She was his girlfriend while he was living in Kolkata.

The blue rose in the perfect meaning of blue, often associated with depth and stability. It’s symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and heaven. The red roses as symbol of passion, associated with energy, war, danger, as well as desire and love.

ITM Universe , Vadodara , Artcamp -2015