To create an education environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of a modern industrial society by equipping them with

  • Up-to-date technical knowledge
  • Analytical and practical skills
  • Management competence
  • A creative and innovative approach to work, to strengthen links with industry through lasting partnership, to provide within the Institute an environment where staff is encouraged to maintain their intellectual curiosity and improve their technical expertise through a continuous staff development program
  • To create condition in which the Institute can march towards achieving academic autonomy
  • To encourage the intellectual, physical, aesthetic and ethical development of students through the provision of appropriate resources
  • To meet the need of growing Industry and economy by providing human resources with the required knowledge and skills and also promoting, disseminating, developing new entrepreneurs for the state of GUJARAT..
  • To develop as a model pharmacy Institution.
  • To support the development of country & the promotion of National Integration
  • To work for conservation and preservation of environment, to develop human resource for sustainable utilization of natural resources.
  • To preserve and promote Art and Cultural heritage of the nation amongst youth.


The Institute of Pharmacy was established with a view to promote excellence in pharmaceutical education and Students will achieve a high level of pharmacy expertise so that are able to succeed in positions in pharmacy Industry, research & development  and in other fields they choose to pursue.

The institute provides degree level education at this centre of excellence. The institute is poised to face global challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and education with the changed perspectives.