Movie Club-ITM Universe, Vadodara

If you ask anyone over the age of 30 if they had a film club at college, and the chances are they will say no. Teaching those days was restricted to only chalk and talk .And even if few clubs existed sadly, those film clubs rarely lasted long – sourcing the film reels was difficult and expensive, lacing up the projector was complicated, sound systems were unreliable. But in ITM Universe with extremely motivating and supporting and innovative teaching learning methodologies and  with the help of latest technology  a movie club was started in the year 2011 successfully runs today’s and we at ITM are happy to celebrate its 4th Anniversary. 

The members of ITM Universe movie clubs meet once a week (every Saturday) at regular time so as attendees we can plan ahead.

The participants watch movies and later have a discussion session after the movie. They talk about and debate on the quality of acting, characters, script, direction and music. Just like a book, movies are analyzed for theme and content.

Some of the movies watched under the club are:

1)      2012

2)      Life of Pie

3)      Lakshya

4)      Mirch Masala

5)      Modern Times

The Motto behind running movie club:

  • An opportunity to be a part of something
  • An opportunity to be creative
  • An opportunity to reflect your views
  • An opportunity to improve
  • An opportunity to explore

Beside this we also call experts :

Expert talk on :“Role of media in social reformation with context to A.I.R”

Seminar delivered by: Station Director, All India Radio Mr. Vedant Joshi, Vadodara,

Seminar on: “Film Making- Behind the Scene”

Seminar delivered by :Ms. Aditi Thakor and Mr. Yogender Kumar,

Info:They are Film makers based in Ahmedabad. They both have done their Post Graduation in Film from Pune and Delhi respectively. Ms. Aditi is also a Life Member at Film Writers’ and Directors’ Associations in Mumbai. The contents covered in the workshop was as follows:

  • The purpose of learning – Film i.e. the strongest Audio/Visual communication Tool
  • The genres of Film
  • Film language
  • The departments and process phases in Film making
  • Viewing of some short films