Yoga & Meditation Club
A nice peaceful space in midst of the greens of mango & sapodila orchards within ITM Campus is available for meditation & yoga where any one willing to join the regular club can come & try to attain equilibrium of the mind & the body. Occasional activities to de-stress the students through Yoga & breathing exercises will be organised.

Science Club
ITM Universe’s Science Club should be organizing various activities throughout the year. The objective of the club is to stimulate interest in sciences activities among students. The club provides opportunities for students to develop the innovative ideas and transform them into actual working concepts.

Theater Club
ITM Universe plans to establish Theater Club this year for budding theater artists in the students and showcase their performances for the audience and spectators of the city.

Film Club
Film club will not only show good World cinema by organising international film festivals in the Campus but also inspires students to create films on the issues of their choices as part of institutes annual or semester and co-curricular activities. 
Drama Club
This club is designed as a creative and supportive environment for students to enhance the hidden talents to work in small skit, workshops and street-play.