Sudip Dutta is natural from Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) but he came from Palanpur in the state of Gujarat where he has his own studio and he works as faculty in M. A. Parikh Fine Arts college since 2012. In 2002 he has finished his post diploma in Painting at Faculty of Fine Art M. S. University of Baroda. He has worked in Mumbai as an art assistant in films from 2002 to 2004, after that he went back to Baroda where he used to work as independent artist till he finally moved to Palanpur.

Sudip Dutta is influenced by his memories of the sounds of his childhood conveyed with the factory’s landscape. He paints himself, sitting on a transparent stone turning his back to a white canvas positioned in front of the termiterium nthat symbolizes the political system, governators, wood eaten, hiden , like the governators. The white canvas, the new governantor , white story, a new story to be painted… The artist and the termite hill is a very satirical comment on the life of an artist. It helps to bring into view how the society manages to make an artist doubt his own value and letting them fade away with time and be devoured by termites. “They fail to understand the depth and emotion that is portrayed onto the canvas with every stroke of his brush.

He tittles his canvas as No more negative paintings. Is a contraposition to his previews works in wich the socio political themes are represented very negatively. “now our time has came”, “lets do something new”, he says with a positive feeling towards his future as an independent artist.

Sudip is fascinated with poetry and he mentioned one poet saying “in two lines he expresses everything… and I can’t express half with so many representations in a canvas…”.