ITM Universe , Vadodara Woman Development Cell :-

The Objective of the Women’s Development Cell is to create awareness among the girls and the women staff, apart from maintaining congenial working environment for all the women employees and students. The Cell aims to motivate faculty and girl students by narrating successful Women’s Lives.

Topics ranging across social construction of gender, women in the Indian nationalist movement, gender and advertising, political participation of women, women’s movement in India and menstruation taboos will be discussed in the WDC sessions. The WDC has also been responsible for conducting legal awareness workshops and for providing professional counseling services to the staff and the students of the college.


The WDC of the college provides a forum for the students to discuss and deliberate on issues concerning women. Using a diverse range of activities, including talks by academics and activists, workshops, field visits and research projects, the WDC helps in creating awareness about the gender discrimination in Indian society. On the auspicious occasion of Women’s day on 
8th march 2014, students of ITM universe organized a lovely function. In this function students arranged some music and dance events which were dedicated to all women of socity. Faculty of ITMU also actively participated in this function and they shared their thoughts regarding empowerment of women