new4aGlobal Nomadic Art Project, India 2015 Hosted by ITM Universe , Vadodara


” This is the era of busy & fast lifestyles and rapidly changing technologies .The race is on for the fanciest, for the fastest and for the multitasking gadgets. This is where our story of itm Universe begins, we being a higher education institute with technological background having nothing to do with art, involve ourselves in pure promotion of Art. By pure, I mean no commercial interests are vested. It is not a matter for the fancy of The Rich. It is purely because we feel that when Steve jobs makes an apple it is just not the technology he sold, it is an aesthetically designed machine. Similarly when BMW or Ferrari or any car is launched it is not only for its performance, it is sold for its looks. When an electric machine designed it is also keeping its design and looks as a selling point, be it the case of any gadget or building or electrical switches, everything involves art in some or the other way. It is through knowledge of aesthetics that we are trying to imbibe a sense in our engineers or architects or computer application masters of what will make them a commercial hit or popular when they design a product for the market tomorrow.  By pure, I mean that we display art as if it was a part of nature, everywhere scattered and every corner inside or outside and not for the closed room galleries or plush living rooms, it is for all. Itm universe feels even better when young school children from remote areas visit and shown and interact with art and artist. We respect all artists whether well known or not –so-known all irrespective of their art fetching a small or big money. By pure I also mean that one has to evoke its sensitivities to appreciate art, and that is why art makes us a sensitive and refined human, we imbibed art in the soul of our campus, so tomorrow our generation can develop into fine human beings.”