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Chandra Sekhar Block
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The department of Civil Engineering is dedicated to balance the man made environment with the natural world, seeking to understand natural systems, to foster the intelligent use of resources, and to design sustainable infrastructure systems. The department is also involved in research work in highly advanced areas like “Nano-technology application in Civil Engineering”.

ITM Universe Training & Placement Program cell has created a great relationship with leading construction firms and research organizations. Apart from regular teaching.

  1. The students are also exposed to highly advanced software like STAAD-pro, AutoCAD Revit – Structure, AutoCAD Revit – Architecture, Primavera and AutoCAD which are in great demand by the key recruiters.
  2. The students can also opt for postgraduate program like M.Tech/MBA which is required for placement in academics and research based organizations.
  3. The ITM Universe Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) guides the student to start their own company in the areas of manufacturing and construction.



  • To develop the Civil Engineering Department into an excellent center of learning, research, consultancy and training.


  • To produce professionally brilliant, rounded and motivated Engineers in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To undertake developmental research, consultancy and technical interaction with industry

Program Education Objective

  • The CE program will prepare the graduates for Excellent professional and technical careers.
  • The CE program will prepare the graduates for adapting themselves with constantly changing technology with the ability of continuous learning.
  • The CE program will prepare the graduates to effectively communicate and to understand professional, ethical and social responsibilities.
  • The CE program will prepare graduates to work as a part of team on multidisciplinary projects.
  • The CE program will prepare graduates to gain the ability to identify, analyze, formulate, and solve engineering problems.

Facilities Provided

  • Mechanics of Solid  Lab : The lab is equipped with all the instruments related to engineering mechanics like Universal Testing Machine, Jib Crane, Rockwell Hardness Tester Machine, instruments for single axle, multi axle equipment’s, weighing machine, Prototype model for engineering mechanics lab. All the instruments are calibrated. Standard procedure is followed to perform all the necessary tests as per the practical schedule.
  • Concrete Technology  Lab : This laboratory is equipped with all important and latest instruments from AIMIL with calibration related to concrete technology, which is most important subject in the course of civil engineering. Instruments like Compressive Testing Machine (CTM), Vicat’s Apparatus, Slump cone, Rebound hammer are available for the performance of different experiments in the lab for checking of different properties of materials used in manufacturing of concrete.
  •  GeoTechnics & Applied Geology  Lab :  The laboratory for the subject GAG and Soil Mechanics (SM) is having rich collection of  all latest instrument which are used to determine all important properties of soil. Also It is facilitated with the collection of various rock samples which improves knowledge of geology to students.
  •  Highway Engineering Lab : It is equipped with all types of testing facilities for aggregates and bitumen. The instruments available are Impact Testing Apparatus, Marshall Mix design Apparatus, Sieve Shaker, Los Angles Testing Machine, etc. For testing of Bitumen, Apparatus available are Penetrometer, Ductilometer etc.
  •  Environment Engineering Lab:  The Laboratory is well equipped with all types of apparatus for the testing of water and waste water engineering. Apparatus are used for the testing Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand, Turbidity, pH value, Water Hardness, Jar test, Alkalinity, Acidity etc. can be done. All the chemicals required for the tests are well managed within the campus.
  •  Fluid Mechanics Lab : The Laboratory is well equipped with all necessary instruments for the practical knowledge about the subject of fluid like fluid mechanics, fluid power and applied fluid mechanics. Apparatus used for the fluid and flow properties are Notches and weir, Reynold No, Venturimeter, Flow measurement, friction losses, pressure measurement, metacentric height, and more are available in the lab. Also Tilting flume is there for the open canal practical.
  • Surveying
  • Earthquake Engineering

The laboratories possess computing facility along with the relevant software’s. that is required to plan and design the civil engineering structures.


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