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All streams of engineering are supported by the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities as prescribed by curricula of studies. All the departments have fully equipped laboratories and well qualified faculty. The Department of humanities projects humane face of technology that aims to infuse in the students a sense of conscientiousness through the study of language. A course in communication skills is one such example of our efforts to foster self confidence in our students.

Facilities Provided :-

  • A new digital language lab backed by Globerena software will certainly provide ample opportunities to the students in improving their communication skills so that they can face the challenges of national and international competitive job markets.
  • The Department of Physics has a well equipped lab to impart quality practical education to the under graduate engineering students. The experiments related to fiber optics and photovoltaic cell provide in depth understanding of phenomenon of internal reflection and photo electric effects which are basics of optical communication. The experiments of spectrometer, band energy gap and Hall Effect are available to study electrical and magnetic properties of the materials. The topics of the syllabus like Architectural Acoustics, Ultrasonic, Lasers, Semiconductors, NDT, Superconductivity and new engineering materials have wide applications in the field of material nanotechnology and in detecting defects in the materials.

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