Total number of Patent filled so far is 29.


Sr.No File number Date of filing Publication Date Title Inventors
1 201811035977 25/09/2018 ———-  Liver cancer diagnosis using IBK, NNge and simple cart algorithms based on BUPA liver disorder dataset Manish Tiwari, Dr.TulikaChakrabarti, Mayank Sharma, Sandeep Poddar, Pradeep Laxkar, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti, Dr.K Baba Pai
2 201811035978 25/09/2018 ———- Liver cancer diagnosis using meta-classifiers based on BUPA liver disorder dataset Manish Tiwari, Dr.TulikaChakrabarti, Mayank Sharma, Achyuth Sarkar, Dr. Shiladitya Pujari, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti
3 201811025480 09/07/2018 ———- Liver cancer diagnosis using JRIP and ExtraTree algorithms based on BUPA liver disorder dataset Manish Tiwari, Dr.TulikaChakrabarti, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti ,Dr.PradeepLaxkar, OshoUpadhya
4 201811025476 09/07/2018 ———- Testing time, detection rate and accuracy estimation in context to Network Intrusion Detection in Spark’s Mlllib environment Dr. Pradeep Laxkar, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti ,Achyuth Sarkar
5 201811024043 28/06/2018 ———- A Novel and efficient Three-Phase Heuristic Routing Technique for Digital Microfluidic Biochip Sarit Chakraborty, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti
6 201811024044 28/06/2018 ———- Return loss, bandwidth and frequency estimation in novel approach of patch antenna using Defected Ground Structure Dr.Anurag Garg, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti  , Dr.Amrit Ghosh
7 201811024046 28/06/2018 ———- Liver cancer diagnosis using  FURIA and  CHIRP  algorithms based on BUPA liver disorder dataset Dr.TulikaChakrabarti, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti, Manish Tiwari, OshoUpadhyay, Dr. Pradeep Laxkar
8 201811021728 11/06/2018 ———- Novel facts related to mobile IP and packet combining schemes Dr.Amrit Ghosh, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti  ,Achyuth Sarkar, Prof C T Bhunia
9 201811021694 11/06/2018 ———- NIRF dataset based analysis of Higher Education Institutions(HEIs) in India – A critical thinking perspective KuntalBarua, Dr. TulikaChakrabarti, Dr. PrasunChakrabarti, Dr.Amrit Ghosh
10 201811006887 23/02/2018 27/04/2018 Novel facts related to Network Intrusion Detection in Spark’s Mllib environment Pradeep Laxkar, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti  , Dr.Amrit Ghosh
11 201811006523 21/02/2018 27/04/2018 Novel facts based on classifier algorithms towards achieving optimum accuracy in liver cancer diagnosis, precision and recall Manish Tiwari, Dr. TulikaChakrabarti, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , KuntalBarua, Achyuth Sarkar
12 201811007072 26/02/2018 27/04/2018 Accuracy analysis of classifiers for liver cancer diagnosis based on ILPD and BUPA datasets Manish Tiwari, Dr. TulikaChakrabarti, Dr.PrasunChakrabarti  , Dr.Amrit Ghosh
13 201811002670 23/01/2018 06/04/2018 Novel facts related to Key for Key Selection (KKS) and Selective Cryptosystems Dr.PrasunChakrabarti
14 201711032966 18/09/2017 27/10/2017 Novel facts related to skid resistance and mean texture depth – A civil and machine learning perspective Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , AbhirupBasu Roy Chowdhury, Rohan Majumder
15 201711007388 02/03/2017 14/04/2017 Discovered facts related to DIMACS instance based Graph Coloring algorithm through edge cover      technique Harish Patidar , Dr.PrasunChakrabarti
16 201711005075 13/02/2017 30/06/2017 Statistical and Artificial Intelligence based analysis of vibration control of near fault earthquake Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , Rohan Majumder
17 201611030071 02/09/2016 02/06/2017 Stochastic Process and Soft Computing based business gain analysis Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , Dr.Devi Prasad Misra ,Dr.BiswajitSatpathy
18 3827/DEL/2015 24/11/2015 18/12/2015 Analysis of liver cancer in the light of reliability estimation, weighted majority algorithm & concept

learning theory

Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , Manish Tiwari , Dr. TulikaChakrabarti
19 1458/DEL/2015 22/05/2015 21/08/2015 Investigations related to mobile node detection – A complex variable and Markov model perspective Dr.Amrit Ghosh, Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
20 1210/DEL/2015 30/04/2015 26/06/2015 Eco friendly self-reliant safe Indian Toilet Rinu Ghosh, Dr.Amrit Ghosh, Dr. PrasunChakrabarti , Dr.DeepakPaliwal
21 3519/DEL/2014 03/12/2014 16/01/2015 Discovered facts of Liver cancer in the light of  geometric distribution , Cobb- Douglas model and

information gain

Manish Tiwari , Dr.PrasunChakrabarti , Dr. TulikaChakrabarti
22 3169/DEL/2014 03/11/2014 02/01/2015 Artificial Intelligence based modeling of liver cancer growth investigation Dr. PrasunChakrabarti , Manish Tiwari
23 523/DEL/2014 25/02/2014 28/03/2014 Discovered Facts related to security threats of Mobile IPv6 Amrit Ghosh , Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
24 2137/DEL/2013 16/07/2013 28/03/2014 Optimization of characteristic parameters for Mobile IP – Discovered facts to be applied in industry informatics Amrit Ghosh , Dr. PrasunChakrabarti , Dr.PierluigiSiano (ITALY)
25 1446/DEL/2011 19/05/2011 23/11/2012 Mathematical Modeling of Event analysis in dream and thought analysis of persons withHigh blood pressure Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
26 1288/DEL/2011 02/05/2011 09/11/2012 Thought Analysis of  Alcohol-addicted persons and patients suffering from brain cancer Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
27 821/DEL/2011 23/03/2011 28/09/2012 Statistical  Modeling of  Thought  Disorders of  Schizophrenic  and  Psychiatric Patients Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
28 383/DEL/2011 14/02/2011 17/08/2012 Neuro-fuzzy and complex variable based human thought process quantification Dr. PrasunChakrabarti
29 201711042347A 26/11/2017 08/12/2017 A Novel Anti-cancer formulation Sarvesh Sharma ,DrVimal Kumar