Illuminati | Illuminati 2017 | Tech Fest of ITMUNIVERSE

Illuminati | Illuminati 2017 | Tech Fest of ITMUNIVERSE


illuminati | Illuminati 2017 is annual tech fest of  itmuniverse and ITM Universe Illuminati has evolved and grown , for fulfilling it’s purpose and becoming one of the most eagerly awaited inter college National Technical Symposium.

Illuminati | Illuminati – 2017 is one of the best technical fest (Techfest )  of Gujarat.

The aim of illuminati is to promote and encourage cultural as well as technical innovation among students by organizing plethora of competition and exhibitions . it attracts participation from various organization and institutions of our country. It also refers to the body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives and outreach programs round the year.

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