Library cards will be issued by Library to all the users on receiving application as per Library Form No. 03.


Following circulation norms are implemented.

Norms for Issue of Books

Sr No.

Category No of Books Period
1 Directors/Deans 15 Semester
2 HOD 15 Semester
3 Faculty 10 Semester
4 Lab Tech/Staff 2 30 days
5 Students 2 14 days
6 Honorary Members At the discretion of Librarian in consultation with Managing Director or Director or Prof. I/c. Library.

Norms for Issue of Journals/Periodicals

  • Latest two issues of the journal/periodical are not issued.   Two issues to faculty and staff and 1 issue to the student will be issued for seven days. General fine rules will be applicable to the students for submission after due date.

Reprography (Photcopy)

Reprography service is provided for official purpose and personal purpose. This service is only for limited pages.

  • For official purpose: Respective staff has to do Entry in the register maintained by the library.
  • For personal use: Rs 1.00/page is charged and entry is done in the register maintained by the library.

ILL (Inter Library Loan)

  • Inter library loan facility is available to the registered members of the library.
  • If book/s required by the users is available in other campus library it will be procured on ILL basis for 10 days and issued for only 7 days and vice – versa.


  • Books in demand and required by the students / faculties can be reserved by doing necessary procedure at library circulation desk.


  • Internet facility is available to all the registered members of the library free of cost.

CAS (Current Awareness Service)

  • Under this service soft copy of the Content Page of Journals, Higher education related articles, News, information about conferences, seminar etc. are regularly sent to the faculty members of the institute.

SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information)

  • Under this service Library regularly sends information/articles required by particular faculty on particular topic of the interest. This service is provided only on demand after making necessary procedure at circulation desk.

Article Indexing

  • Article indexing of selected journals are done in the library. Search of article can be done by title, author, year, keyword, publication etc.