ITMU Project Fair 2018


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ITM Universe Vadodara

(Pre-fair) SMART IDEAS FOR A SMART CITY FROM BUDDING ITM U ENGINEERS B.E.Engineering students of Institute of Technology and Management Universe, Vadodara, are showcasing their Ideas and innovations in a project fair at 4.30 pm onwards, on Saturday, 19th May, 2018 at Baroda High School, Alkapuri. The entry is free. This fair is first of its kind in Vadodara, where solo- institute created innovative projects are in display. Out of more than 200 projects completed, only 28 selected working models are to be showcased. The project encompasses the concept of “SEED” where in ITM U engineers brought a ray of new technology which can benefit the society and our Vadodara city. Projects covers from health care, fire safety, green constructions, save energy, new vehicles technology, like many more. These projects were conceived in July, 2017 with initial concept and design and finally working models were prepared. While conceiving the projects ideas, students worked on the concepts which can enhance the life style, environmental friendly, and safety in our day to day life and our vision for being a smart city. The ‘Fair’ displays some unique ideas which are fitness oriented along with recreational , energy saving along with safety , home management with mundane task like filling of overhead tanks to watering the plants in the kitchen garden on a touch of a Button. Fire detection and control for home and factory or public places. Green constructions without affecting the nature and enriching the water table. Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering have successfully created a mobility robot for serving in the restaurants. The future of automobile is being designed by ITM U budding engineers and have ventured in the new areas of vehicles by creating electrical, manual at the same time efficient motorcycles with good speeds. ITM Universe Management has funded liberally to complete the students projects. Mr. Varun Pal Singh who is semester 4 student at ITM Universe, says “it is the environment in ITM U; in which we are growing makes the difference ”. Mr Balendra Singh and his friends who have developed “Flame” projects says “Safety is the Prime factor in life, whether you are at working place or public place or at home. In the system we have developed, fire or smoke is deducted immediately and it informs Fire station, Control room and the property owner or in-charge.” This helps in dowsing the fire and save the lives and properties. Since Vadodara is evolving into a Smart city, it is essential to have a system which can help to know the underground electrical cable fault without digging the ground. Such system has been developed by the young electrical engineering students. Students have gone into the medical field where handicapped persons and patients can use Joystick operated wheelchair. The order of the world is moving towards automation and quick development; 3D printer helps in creating pro-typing, product designing, short product development life cycle, additive manufacturing and no scrap. ITM U students have developed 3D printer of working model. Yet another product is portable spot welding machine, which had been designed and prepared, a lightweight portable welding machine. This can be easily carried to a site where one wants to do spot welding. When one travels on highways, ones faces the problems at the toll-gate, where lines of vehicles wait for toll fee payment; now with help of image processing toll can collect informations on vehicles like length, size, and number plates etc. The money can be collected by automatic transfer either prepaid or post paid system. Some of the ITM U students have opted for Industrial-university collaboration projects, where in they work on industrial problems. Some of the collaborators are:

1. Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd,Halol Road, Vadodara; 2. Tanvika Polymers, Vadodara; 3.Soni automation works; 4. Elecon Engineering, VV Nagar; 5 Perfect Grinding Works, Vadodara; 6. Nodule cast, Vadodara; 7. Thermal Insulation Industries, Vadodara; 8. Esquire Machineries Pvt Ltd, Vadodara; 9. VIN Industries, Vadodara; 10.MGVCL, Padra; 11. Takalkar consultants, Vadodara; 12. HI Voltrans ElectricalPvt Ltd, Halol. 12. Inox India Pvt Ltd, Halol.

The INNOVATION MARATHON for a “smart nation” and “Made in India” is being attempted by ITM Universe innovative project fair on Saturday between 4.30 and 7.30 pm and Sunday 10.0 am to 6.00 pm,at Baroda High School, Alkapuri. ALL ARE INVITED.