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Scholarship to Meritorious Students of ITMU 2017-18
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ITM Universe, Vadodara

CPI-based Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020 for Meritorious Students

Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020

The standard scholarship scheme for eligible meritorious students is given below.

            CPI                                         Scholarship per Annum

CPI >= 9.5                             Rs. 40,000/- p. a.

9.00 <= CPI <= 9.49                        Rs. 30,000/- p. a.

8.50 <= CPI <= 8.99                        Rs. 20,000/- p. a.

8.00 <= CPI <= 8.49                        Rs. 10,000/- p. a.


  • If in one or two semesters of an academic year, major (70% and above) credits are allocated to Project and / or to subjects where evaluation is done either by Internal Examiners or by a Jury, then the scholarship will NOT be awarded for that Academic Year.

For detailed procedure for applying for scholarship, the Students Center is to be contacted.

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