The course aims to develop a level of competence in English which is required for independent and effective communication for academic, professional and social needs A thorough professional training is given to BE students as far as English communication is concerned. The department provides training in areas of presentation skills, interpersonal skills, group discussion, interview skills and other forms of oral and written communication. Apart from this, the department also trains students in soft skills and etiquettes. The syllabus o written communication includes technical writings- formal letters, curriculum vitae, technical reports, technical proposals, and technical description. Listening
skills and other functional aspects are also taken care of. Teaching of grammar takes place for understanding of structure and vocabulary so that the students can perform better in competitive and entrance examinations. This helps in the overall development of the students.
2) Concepts and Applications of mathematics makes a technocrat excel in his position. Mathematics is an important tool used in various branches of science and engineering. There are many practical applications of Mathematics in various fields–in the research and development, in industries, in medical, scientific and technological world.
1) The Department of Mathematics seeks to educate students as a whole by developing their thinking skills and reasoning which is inherent in the exploration of quantitative analysis.
2) Concepts and Applications of mathematics makes a technocrat excel in his position. Mathematics is an important tool used in various branches of science and engineering. There are many practical applications of Mathematics in various fields–in the research and development, in industries, in medical, scientific and technological world.

3) We strive to make students understand, appreciate and gain mathematical skills and develop logic.
4) We are committed to encourage our faculty to peruse scholarly inquiry, research activities and to be involved in community engagement. Environment science aims to create ability among students to understand their social and ethical responsibilities towards nature and society. The main aim of the department is to promote sustainable development among students by imparting fundamental facets of environmental science. The
knowledge of environmental science helps students to analyze various environmental systems and the effect of human activities on those systems. It also make students understand the importance of maintaining ecological balance by providing basic knowledge of environment systems and their processes. Physics is the backbone for all engineering branches, without the
knowledge of physics it is very difficult to understand engineering concepts. Physics Deals with basic Laws like Newton law for gravitational interaction, Coulomb Law of charge particles interactions etc. Among all Coulombs law explains the way atoms interaction leads to different status of matter i.e gas liquid and Solid. The gases properties studies are very important for fuel engine study. Similarly liquid properties are very important for hydrodynamics, Fluid Mechanics etc, even in chemical engineering and solid properties like elasticity, hardness, are very important for mechanical engineering. Electronics properties of solids are very essential for Electronics and computer science engineering. Lastly Coupled electric and magnetic interaction (Electromagnetic wave) and properties covers the total knowledge for present day
communication technology. The above dependence of ¬all engineering branches on physics, it is needless to say any innovation in technology rely on the basic understanding of physics.
Facilities Provided :-
A new digital language lab backed by Globerena software will certainly provide
ample opportunities to the students in improving their communication skills so that they can face the challenges of national and international competitive job markets. The Department of Physics has a well equipped lab to impart quality practical education to the under graduate engineering students. The experiments related to fiber optics and photovoltaic cell provide in depth understanding of phenomenon of internal reflection and photo electric effects which are basics of optical communication. The experiments of spectrometer, band energy gap and Hall Effect are available to study electrical and magnetic properties of the materials. The topics of the syllabus like Architectural Acoustics, Ultrasonic, Lasers, Semiconductors, NDT, Superconductivity and new engineering materials have wide applications in the field of material nanotechnology and in detecting defects in the materials.

Achievements & Participation :-

  •  Mrs Himani Pandey, Head of the Department and Mr. Naresh Patel got the BEST TEACHER AWARD on 5th September.
  •  Mr. Mumukshu Trivedi (Department of Mathematics) has got two goldmedals for MSc.
  • Mrs. Preeti Nayar (Department of Communication Skills) has got the gold medal for MA, Literature and has got the Award of Excellence for MPhil.
  • Dr. Ashmi T Patel got her degree of doctorate in December . She has published 13 International including one book chapter and 02 National Papers. Details of the Paper published are-
  • Study of Kinetics of Glass Transition of Metallic Glasses, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 110(2); 2012: 567-571
  • Kinetics of Crystallization of Zr52Cu18Ni14Al10Ti6 Metallic Glass, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 107(1); 2012: 159- 165
  •  Thermodynamics of Zr52.5Cu17.9Ni14.6Al10Ti5 Bulk Metallic Glass forming Alloy, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 107(1); 2012: 167-170
  • Thermodynamic study of Bulk Metallic Glass: Zr57Cu15.4NI12.6Al10Nb5, Techno-Path, Journal of Sci. Engg. & Tech. Mgt., 3(1); 2011: 9-12